Heartless- love my Portree

Ii think some times i feel lime im not Joke play in around with a girl beacuse i dont have time for game’s at all you think i will be okay with that but i do at time’s. And some time’s i really really don’t beacuse it hurt me so much i feeeil likw i been through alot of shiy in mh pass some of that shit make me stronger and some of that shit dont make me really really strong at all i cry alot when i think you been joke in i think you be like really really Sirius at time’s that when my feeling start get in really scared beacuse i dony wont to be alone all my life at all and i think im so hapoy that i fround a gokd girl like your salf that know how to appreciate me the way i want.i just want to let you know i feeil that all. And some time i site back and i tell my self love is heard to keep when you have some many people that want you back when you really get to know some when you start to really really have more feeling’s. For them and get all come togther and i love show in her a good timeshe enjoy it like really really really injoy it. And i love her beautiful eyes in the way I look into them.she is the sweet sweet is thing like honey i ever meet i don’t wont to let her go at all my emotions get caught up in work and I’m watching this really warm inside and i like the way she love me for me and only me she mske me feeil good about myslef everytime i love speed in alot of time with her as well.she smell rose is in the air. And the taste of that love feeil so good that i want sone morw of it I can’t have enough at this as the day go by eqch and evreyday and im really want her more abd more when i gwt to know her. I will love to shower her with my love and my heart. I do t wnt you to worry no more worry are gone. And love to speed the rest of my life with you and i love to meet your whole family one day and when you i get to know you you made the light to my heart opend up

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