Heartless-love Portree

Heartless- love pome of the key to my heart💖
I i love you so much baby you make my heart so excited and and and like i hang out with you and speed time with you i jump all over the whole heart so you are finally taking things seriously witch is the part i like my love.and now we are get in to the part of love that we get to deep insaid the heart of the sole and the sloe toch is the two key’s together and it opend in up even though. It was heart to at frist but now i really really see wat your heart got to say now and when love is right you will really get to see it deep in to each other heart that you now you are really meet to be not just to say that you meet to be but to feel that you are meet to be deep insaid of your heart and now. And when two people or in love you just go really really crzy for them that you will do anything they want and you now deep in your heart you will try your best to make them happy. And when we speak to each other heart that love make it feel so good and i now you get happy alot when you see me. And when your queen make you feel like the most happy is men on eath and i love my women so much with all of my heart i wil never let her go for no body no body and no body at all.  When you love sombody it is all ways ways good to have that trust in each other.when yor is im  that right place that mean the love is feel in really really good. I will fight for love but i wont fight over a girl it is a different between fight in and when in a girl heart and when you now when you are.And i want some to see that key of love deep in my heart and i really really cry when i get hurt some time’s i dont think you people now how it feel when somebody get hurt and i love my women so much she is really really sweet and soft on the insaide when love hurt you so im just say in stay strong when you are in love hang in there dont let them play you like a dummy at all play the book like it go but some time and love is like a really really nice like a beautiful soft song. And the love is like a nice love song in the air and it sound so so good in your heart all you need to do is take your time to listen to one another and im so in love that i wont not let nothig go at all and im so in love. I want to be with you and i all the only lover on this eath that we have a stong love of communication is a really really really stong word that will hurt somebody so much in your heart. And i want a lover that sill stay with me for who im i have a heart that is so strong that im really trying .

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