My hearless-pome

I think you are the best is friend that ever had a d you are nice and sweet we are bothe meet to be lover some day and i think you are my time of girl to bulid a family with some day and i thi k youbare verey verey cute girl and i like the way you talk to me and i like the why i listen to you when you talk im happy that are friendship is get in closer and closer and closer togther the more we take or time the more we get to now one another we will get to thw point were or like will trun in to love.and when i get to see your family i will be like so happy that the time had fanily came and i will be jump in on my bed so happy happy happy and i love the way you smaile and i love the way you joke aroud even though makes me mad sometimesand when i look in to your eyes it make me blush. Alot. I love the way you walk i love the way you have your eyes all up on me and i love the way you have a nice soft skin and i love the way you giev me your heart.and i think in the future we are going to be a good couple some day if we take or time and keep on doing wat we are doinf it will be all good and i will love to have a picnic with you somw day on the beach and look up at the sunset fall down and when we bothe make it to that next level we both going to be really really happy someday. And i love you so much with all of my heart an di lovw you like a king would an di love you much and i will all ways lovw you now matter wat happend i want to get married to you and havebkids with you and you now that i want you kids down the road amd i will be so happy when i gwt tontalk to your family soon. 😘😘😘😘

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