My lover

I woke up this moring i feeil so good like i fround the true true love from insaid the heart and i think about you eat and evrey tine that the day is is there anytime you have the key to my heart. Start it to sing love love love and you will all ways have the key to my heart grab on to it really tight and and the more i look in to your heart i see something good in you and i just want to say you have all of the light shining in your heart that is tellimg me that you are a really really really good angel and im going to let god walk in to or life and im going to let him take control of it and you will treat my heart like so post to be and i will treat your heart like the way it post to be. And you are my future baby My future true love you are the best is thing that ever happend to me in my life.and i want to let you know you got to stop have in your guard up on the time and just let it go everybody in the word is not going to hurt you at all sometime people just domt see the good in your heart at all beacuse that mean they are just blind and im the one that will giev you all of me and my heart and my trust and everything i got witch all so mean my love only if you giev me all of you some time it is okay to cry on my shoulder and cry when you do that me you love me if you dont cry on me you dont love me but i understand you want to take thing’s slow and you dont wont to get hurt andy more at all i know some time hou tbink im going to hurt you but im not goig to hurt you at all if that is wat you thi k im not that type of guy that is not going tonhurt you i been. Through alkt to in my past you are not the only one just to let you know im all ways going to be her for you through the good time’s and the bad time’s in love. And we are really really good friends im happy that we are trging to grow are heart together i will let an poor out my heart to you at the same time if you do to.and you heart is like gold i will all was treasureit sometimes i feel like be in more than your friend but i know i have to like reall really reallly slowly slowly down and when wekiss it soft but i just love show in you a good time when is see you make me feeil so good. And when you look at me i know you want to tell me more wat you want to tell me .my heart feel like a tiger that grounds for love and more love.and i wqnt to taje this really reall slow slow as it can be so i can get the right tounch to your heart that way i got could get to that sensitive side. All of the other guy’s you had was jerks. But im the only real nigga that walk in you loife let me of your truat agin.and just let me take control of the heart of yours.

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