Heartless-pome of my lover forever my number #1 queen

I lovw mu girlfriend so much with all of my heart somtime time me and her go do our ups and down and we argue and fight but we get right back up and talk each other problems out and we talk care wat people think about us beacuse we now at the end of thw day we now how much we love one another and i love is so strong i noow some time tbe hurricane gets involved and some time it try to break that down alot but i dont let it because when you love some one some much that mean everything to you try to hold on to ut the long is you can because that long is not some try ing that come around to you evreyday. Especially when it’s for somebody special women or a girl that you really love i tell myself that i never flet like this a time of my life.and she is my number #1 in my life if she go i dont now wat i would do with out her that is how much i love her i now some time i don’t like the stupidest thing she says but i love her at the end of the day this is not puppy love at all this is wat you cal that real love and affectionbut this time she is. Younger then me i now yall think in like wat the heck.but i really do love her and i love her more then anybody that i ever been with.

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